Favourite Sri Lankan food so far

Kottu Roti

It resembles fried rice, except instead of rice, it’s made with a type of roti known as godamba roti (a flat, crispy bread). The roti is normally fried at the beginning of the day, piled into stacks and served as it’s ordered. When you place an order, the kottu chef will fry and chop the roti with a selection of ingredients you choose. The result is a tasty mixture of salty pieces of fried dough, lightly spiced and delicious.

Ambarella Juice for breakfast

Pale green juice which is a bit of an acquired taste. The best description we could come up with, is a cross between apple and mange tout or peas. I liked it 🙂 


Goodbye India

I have to say, i am a tad emotional. India has been a wonderful experience in so many ways. It’s been amasing to spend Diwali here and get to know so many lovely locals, sample the fine foods (and some not so fine) and just enjoy what India has to offer. The boys have enjoyed all the attention from just about everyone asking their names are and where they come from, it was reminiscent of the 90’s rave scene (if you know, you know)

Yes, it’s a little rough around the edges, and some attractions have fallen into a neglected state. or is it just faded charm? The people here are working towards improving things at their own pace, on services that we take for granted in the UK. Areas such as recycling, waste management, street cleaning, littering & pollution. I believe if someone could convince the Indian population of the damage being done to the environment from these issues. And that there could be gold in recycling or alternative ways other than plastic. We would probably see them come a long way in a short period of time. The Indian population as a whole are just the BEST kind of humans.


Serenity Beach

We took a Tuk Tuk to Serenity Beach today, which is a about 15 mins away. Serenity is a really nice fishing community beach, pretty clean and quite busy. The boy happily played in the shore breaks for a good few hours


Meanwhile I was staring at the countless unusually exotic creatures dead on the beach, either from being washed up as discarded as part of the daily fishing process. I wasn’t sure.


A bit later, i got chatting to this guy, Sunnar. He is a CGI student from Madurai who had descended on Pondi for the day, with his friends who are from lots of different Indian states. I decided to approach the subject of recycling and damage being done to the planet from plastic, over population etc. I was keen to understand what the younger Indian generation thinks about it and if anything is being done or starting to be done. Disappointingly he said that there is no message out there to the people, allowing them to understand what the consequences of their actions are. My response was that surely as everyone in India has a mobile phone, and i mean, EVERYONE! Then getting a campaign out there would be easy right? No, campaigns of this nature, whilst they hit many people. The Indians will simply share it and think they have done their bit. This is not unlike a lot of other countries conscious social media users. The Indians are quite a resourceful bunch and I assumed that viewing plastic as the new free material to mould into something new, would have already been in motion. Sunnar said not, partly because there is no real legislation to steer in that direction (sound familiar?). Shame, i think India could make real change in this area quite quickly as they use a lot less plastic than us, so mass ban would not be as bit a shock to large retail business, i don’t think? Does anyone have a view on this, of have spoken to anyone who knows a little more? Anyhoo, really nice guy, wishing him all the best looking for a job, hopefully one where he gets to travel.



Lovey Indian Breakfast

After yesterday’s invisibility cloak incident, it was lovely to be invited for breakfast with Kalifie and his family. Kalifie is the owner of the homestay are currently in Villa Kalifie via Booking.com highly recommended BTW if you are ever out this way. Kalifie and his family are the most wonderful kind people, and can’t do enough to make your stay a comfortable and allround pleasant one. I mean, just look at those smiles.

Masala Tea, Rice Pancakes Masala (peanut butter and honey for the kids) and Fresh Melon Juice.. Lovely


Realising my Englishness

After calling the shop owner at 9:30 this morning, I went to collect the camera from his shop in town. Of course when i got there, the shop was locked. He was late,Not to worry, now that i have a little time to kill, i might get a coffee. Glancing across the street, i saw this venue. A traditional Indian Coffee house.. I will give it a go. You should know that, amongst my immediate family, I am the only advocate of curry for breakfast (I know, shocking eh)


Inside it was, as you can imagine fairly basic, and quite busy. I walked in and the guy at the front door grunted and pointed to the back of the restaurant. I promptly walked to the back with the best smile i can break. 2 windows, a door, 3 signs and a rather mouth-watering menu drew closer. Despite the signs being in Malayalam and English, none of them made any sense aside from the menu, and it was difficult to work out a number of basics.

  1. where to order
  2. who does what
  3. how to order

Fundamentally, these are the entrance pillars of any food establishment surely?

Confused, I turned on the old english charm “Hi”, Excuse me”, *smiles*, *nods*, *hold a hand up*. Nothing! I tried to grab one of the many people who appeared to work there to no avail, they just walked past. Now i want the food even more!

Out of the corner of my eye, I can spot the camera guy running into his shop with a box. Shamefully, I abandon the tasty breakfast mission in favour of a shiny new camera.

This has never happened to me before, therefore, I will be upping my game to avoid next time. I’m sure if the camera wasn’t waiting i would have eventually got on it. Bizarre experience.